Palermo – Not just a Cruise Ship Destination

Palermo – Not just a Cruise Ship Destination

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Almost every day, it seems like another massive cruise ship docks at Palermo’s port, and thousands of tourists pour out like molten lava. With only a few hours to see everything Palermo has to offer, they hop on the big double-decker sightseeing buses which cruise around the historic center. Maybe they’ll have a chance to visit the Norman Palace or the Catacombs but, after a couple hours, it’s right back onto the ship. I wonder how many of them are captivated by the city’s charm, and promise themselves to return.

Nothing against cruise-shippers, of course, we’ve been there ourselves. But in such a short time, it’s almost impossible to soak in the little details which make Palermo such a special place.

Rainy Trees
Market Left Overs
Market Vehicle
Off The Hook
Boxed In
Granat Apfel
Bottle Art
Italian Flowers
Palermo Secrets
Flower Wall
Singing Statue
Wing Lady
Spiral Stairs
Stuffed Animals
Round Tower
Puppet Theater Sign
Senso Unico
Restauration Palermo Sicily
Antiques Palermo
Palermo Sicily Blog
Term Renting Palermo Sicily
Electricity Palermo
Lady In Red
Balcony Garden
Holy Palermo
Plaza Marina
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