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Santa Lucia and Cuccia

Celebrating Santa Lucia in Sweden Saint Lucy was a 4th century Sicilian martyr, born and executed in Syracuse. She’s thought to be responsible for ending a famine 1582, and Sicilians honor her feast day on December 13th by abstaining from bread. Lucia was a noblewoman denounced to the Greek authorities as a Christian after refusing […]

Cannoli – Sweet Lord, Palermo, Just Stop It

Make your own: Connoli Tubes One of our Palermitano readers recently told us that although the most famous nickname for the city is la Felice (“The Happy One”), Palermo is more well known around Sicily as la Licca (“The Glutton”). I think both apply. As I munch down yet another cannolo, I am both happy […]

Pasta con le Sarde at Ristorante Amato

Order Pasta Online Reading that one of Palermo’s favorite dishes is pasta con le sarde, spaghetti with sardines and fennel, didn’t exactly set my stomach on fire with unquenchable desire. But after seeing plate after plate being ordered at Ristorante Amato, near the Teatro Massimo, I figured there must be something to it. So I […]