Culture & History

Addiopizzo – Fighting the Extortion Racket
A Concise History of Palermo
The Flag of Sicily
Sculpture Artist Daniele Franzella
Hallowed Saints and Souls in Sicily
Installation Artist Maurizio Ruggiano
Mikalsa Bar and Renzo Rubino
Qanat – A Nighttime Tour of Palermo’s Ancient Canals
Salvatore Giuliano – Siciliy’s Bandit King
Buon Natale – Christmas in Sicily
Knights, Princesses and Brutality at the Puppet Show

Neighborhoods & Plazas

The Quattro Canti
Il Capo Comes Alive
The Old Port of La Cala
An Impromtu Tour of the Vucciria Market
Villa Giulia and the Orto Botánico
Gaining Perspective in the Piazza Rivoluzione
Florentine Fountain of Piazza Pretoria
The Albergheria


The Baroque Magnificence of Santa Caterina
Palermo’s Cathedral
The Oratory of San Lorenzo and the $20 Million Art Crime
San Francesco d’Assisi
Casa Professa
The Oratorio di Santa Cita
The Cathedral of Monreale
The Church and Oratory of San Domenico
The Basilica La Magione
The Church of San Cataldo

Cuisine & Restaurants

Arancine – Breaded Balls of Perfection
Fried Food – Yet Another Sicilian Specialty
Fill ‘Er Up at the Wine Station
Pasta con le Sarde at Ristorante Amato
Ice Cream in a Bun
Follow Your Nose to Torrefazione Ideal
Sfincione at Monreale’s Pizzeria Toto
Cannoli – Sweet Lord, Palermo, Just Stop It
Bagheria Restaurant – Zza’ Maria
Trattoria Family Michele
Pani C’a Meusa
Trattoria Il Vicolo
Prickly Cactus Fruit
Stuffed-Crust Pizza at Sciuscia
Santa Lucia and Cuccia

Museums & Monuments

Museo Mormino & The English Gardens
Museo delle Marionette
The Bone-Chilling Catacombs of the Capuchin Monks
The Chiostro dei Benedettini in Monreale
The Monsters of Villa Palagonia
The Genius of Palermo
Centro d’Arte Piana dei Colli
Palazzo Abatellis – The Regional Gallery of Art
Palermo’s Gallería d’Arte Moderna
The Porta Nuova

Photo Reportages

First Impressions of Palermo
Adjusting to Palermo’s Street Life
The Torre di San Nicolò
Palermo – Not just a Cruise Ship Destination
Get Lost In Palermo
Palermo Mysteries
Final Batch of Palermo Pictures

Palaces & Other Buildings

La Cuba
Castle By The Sea
La Zisa
The Palazzo dei Normanni
The Teatro Massimo
Palermo’s Chinese Palace
The Palazzo Mirto

Around Palermo

Monte Pellegrino and the Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia
A Trip to Bagheria
The Ruins of Segesta
The Cretto di Burri
Michael (in) Corleone
Carini and its Castle

Day Trips Further Afield

The Zingaro Natural Reserve
Villa Romana del Casale
Stairway to Caltagirone
A Day on Mt. Etna
The Brave Little Towns around Mt. Etna
The Views of Taormina
The Picturesque Mountain Hamlet of Sávoca

A Trip to Syracuse

Introducing Syracuse
The Temple of Apollo and the Fountain of Arethusa
The Hebrew Baths of Syracuse
The Cathedral of Syracuse and its Plaza
The Archaeological Park of the Neapolis
Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Tears
Noto: Version 2.0


Ciao, Palermo!
The Road to Palermo
For 91 Days on TVE’s Más Gente
Casa Zatlò: Furnished Short-Term Apt in Palermo
After One Month in Palermo
U.S. Città di Palermo
The Life-Savers of
A Look Back at 2011
A Month in the Casa del Bastione
Arrivederci, Palermo!

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