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Bagheria Restaurant – Zza’ Maria

Buy Italian Pottery Online After a couple hours spent wandering the alleyways of Bagheria, we had worked up quite an appetite, and sought out a restaurant recommended by a couple readers: the Antica Osteria Zza’ Maria. The word “Zza” alone was enticement enough to visit; it looks like a typo, or the sound a flamboyant […]

A Trip to Bagheria

Book Bagheria Hotels Here Occupying a bluff fifteen kilometers east of Palermo, Bagheria enjoys a privileged position with views of both the Mediterranean and the capital. Its name either descends from the Phoenician Bayharia (“land that descends toward the sea”) or the Arabic Bāb al-Gerib (“windy gateway”). Both descriptions are apt. In the 18th century, […]