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Michael (in) Corleone

Book A Hotel In Corleone Before we moved to Sicily for 91 days, I didn’t know that there was actually a town called Corleone. I had assumed that the name was invented by Mario Puzo, who wrote The Godfather. So I felt a thrill upon discovering that the town actually does exist, just an hour […]

Salvatore Giuliano – Siciliy’s Bandit King

One of the most controversial figures in recent Italian history is Salvatore Giuliano, who enjoyed a reputation as the Sicilian Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. But that’s a simplistic and overly noble description of Giuliano, who operated out of Montelepre near Palermo and was a constant thorn in the […]

Addiopizzo – Fighting the Extortion Racket

Everything You Need To Know About The Mafia Although their presence is practically invisible to tourists, the Mafia is very much a reality for the residents of Palermo. One of the most tangible nuisances is the pizzo: the “protection fee” that Sicilian business owners are compelled to pay to the Cosa Nostra. The pizzo is […]

The Oratory of San Lorenzo and the $20 Million Art Crime

Our Asturias eBook Next to the church of San Francesco d’Assisi is the equally impressive Oratorio di San Lorenzo, built in 1569 with a snow white interior of stucco by the great Palermo artist Gicaomo Serpotta. The oratory was a place of prayer for the convent of San Francisco. Nothing more than a small room, […]