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Sfincione at Monreale’s Pizzeria Toto

Cheesy Pizza in Buenos Aires Sicilian cuisine continues to spring wonderful surprises on us. I had been completely unaware of the existence of sfincione, or Sicilian Pizza, until we visited Monreale. And now, I’ll never forget it. After visiting the town’s cathedral and cloister, we had worked up quite an appetite and happened upon Pizzeria […]

The Chiostro dei Benedettini in Monreale

Other posts from Monreale: Introduction & The Cathedral Entrance to Monreale’s mind-shattering Cathedral was free, so when the ticket lady at the neighboring Benedictine Cloister asked us for €6 apiece, we were expecting to be blown away. Unfortunately, we weren’t. If you have extra time on your hands and have surplus money to throw around, […]

The Cathedral of Monreale

Book your Monreale Hotels Here If you don’t want your jaw to smack painfully against the ground, you’d do well to wear a tight chin strap when visiting the Cathedral of Monreale. During our tour, my mouth was wide open, rivulets of drool escaping my gaping jowl. But I didn’t care, and I doubt anyone […]


Monreale Hotel Suggestions On any visit to Palermo, a day trip to the town of Monreale is essential for a few reasons. Its magnificent cathedral is one of the world’s finest and best-preserved examples of Norman architecture. And the view obtained over Palermo’s valley is incredible. Just a handful of miles from the city, Monreale […]