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The Church and Oratory of San Domenico

Visit our Google Plus Page Second in importance only to Palermo’s Cathedral, the Chiesa di San Domenico is a church found in the Vucciria neighborhood. Originally constructed between 1458 and 1480, the church sits away from Via Roma at the back of the plaza that shares its name. With its impressive Baroque facade and its […]

The Oratorio di Santa Cita

Everything you need to know about Rococo The sculptor Giacomo Serpotta was born in Palermo in 1652, and died there as well, eighty years later. Though he never left Sicily, he achieved a great deal of fame throughout the world for his incredible Rococo stucco pieces. The Oratory of Santa Cita, which he worked on […]

The Oratory of San Lorenzo and the $20 Million Art Crime

Our Asturias eBook Next to the church of San Francesco d’Assisi is the equally impressive Oratorio di San Lorenzo, built in 1569 with a snow white interior of stucco by the great Palermo artist Gicaomo Serpotta. The oratory was a place of prayer for the convent of San Francisco. Nothing more than a small room, […]