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Stuffed-Crust Pizza at Sciuscia

Rent an apartment in Palermo When I was just a teenager in Ohio, Pizza Hut brought out its stuffed crust pizza. A revelation! It made… so much sense! Stuff the crust of the pizza with cheese! For the next week, I couldn’t sleep and talked of nothing else. How could no one have thought of […]

A Surprise Feast at Trattoria Family Michele & Iolanda

Antipasto Recipes When you sit down in a small, family-run trattoria in Palermo, something like Trattoria Family Michele & Iolanda, expect to have the freedom of choice snatched away from you. You’ll enjoy whatever plate you’re given to eat, but you won’t have much say in what that plate is. It was a Sunday afternoon […]

U.S. Città di Palermo – Sunday Afternoon Soccer

Other Soccer Games We Went To: Boca Juniors and San Lorenzo Palermo’s football team plays in the top flight of one of the world’s best leagues, Italy’s Serie A. In the last few years, U.S. Città di Palermo has become one of the more feared sides in the country. This season, they had won all […]

Trattoria Il Vicolo

Cozy and familiar, with great prices and a friendly waitstaff, Il Vicolo is a lovely little seafood restaurant in the southwest corner of the Albergheria. Don’t let the neighborhood’s relative grime keep you away. We went up and down every street and alley surrounding the San Saverio church at least three times, but we could […]

An Impromtu Tour of the Vucciria Market

Our Buenos Aires Travel Book “Coriandolo?” The market seller was looking at me with a strange expression, and I thought maybe I was just pronouncing it wrong. “Cori-AN-dolo? Cilantro?” Apparently, cilantro isn’t an herb much used in Sicilian cooking. The stand in the Vucciria Market had piles of basil, sage and oregano, but the seller […]

Fried Food – Yet Another Sicilian Specialty

Sicilian Recipes On the streets of Palermo, the only things which stick out more than the ancient palaces are big Sicilian bellies. The sight of obese men puttering around on Vespas is a daily amusement, and even many of the toddlers have a few pounds on me. Of course, it’s all perfectly understandable. Along with […]