A Look Back at 2011

Twelve months ago, we rang in 2011 at a wild party in Savannah, Georgia, a city which definitely knows how to let its hair down. As the clock struck midnight, I know I kissed Jürgen, and I faintly remember kissing a couple other people, too. We entered 2011 full of excitement — it would be our first full year of travel, and we knew that a lot of incredible times were waiting for us. But, even so, I think we underestimated how much we were about to experience.

We moved to Buenos Aires in February, and then onto to Bolivia in May. After a short break in Valencia, our nominative home, we moved onto Palermo. And soon enough, we’ll be back on the road; this time to Sri Lanka. Here are some of our favorite posts of 2011… if 2012 is even just half as exciting, there’s a lot to look forward to. We wishing you all a wonderful New Year’s celebration, and a great year to come.

January – Savannah: The First African Baptist Church

February – Buenos Aires: The Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookstore

March – Buenos Aires: A Tour through Barracas

April – Buenos Aires: Chancha via Circuito

May – Buenos Aires: Radio La Colifata

June – Bolivia: Our Three-Day Hike Around Sucre, Part II

July – Bolivia: The Aymara New Year at Tiwanaku

August – Bolivia: Fiesta in Independencia, Part 2

September – Palermo: Il Capo Comes Alive

October – Palermo: Fill ‘Er Up at the Wine Station

November – Palermo: The Monsters of Villa Palagonia

December – Palermo: A Trip to Syracuse

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  1. elpariente

    I am very glad you had a great year because then we also have it I will prepare my “mental suitcase” to travel with you to Sri Lanka Buenos viajes !!!!

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