Adjusting to Palermo’s Street Life

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We’ve been here for about two weeks, and are just starting to adjust to life on Palermo’s streets. On the chaotic alleyways of this city, scenes of striking beauty are almost as common as mountains of trash. But somehow, ancient elegance and modern grime work together well, giving Palermo an authentic feeling of life. If it all were clean and sparkly, the city wouldn’t be nearly as captivating.

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  1. Jacqueline

    what are they protesting in the 11th picture?

    1. Daniele

      Hi, they are sardinian farmers united with sicilian ones protesting for cuts in Agricolture….you know the crisis…..ciao

  2. Amer

    awesome street photography yet again! love this series on Palermo. keep it coming!

  3. Natasha

    Me and my partner (more precisely me :-)) are thinking about visiting
    Palermo for our summer vacation, so I was looking for a room or a studio
    for rent on the Internet and I don’t know how i end up watching your
    pictures. I was staring with my mouth open. Amazing! Now I can’t wait to
    go :-))) I’m more of a city wondering person and my boyfriend is more a
    beach person, so I was wondering if you guys maybe went to Mondello
    beach and if you did, how was it? Any way thank you for the beautiful
    pictures you decided to share, I was stunned while watching.
    Best regards from Macedonia

    1. Fulvio

      Mondello is one of the most beatiful beaches in the world, you need to go in the early summer because in August get too busy.You’ll love my town…do you wanna bet???Ciao.

  4. Nicholas Stedman

    Excellent photos of a place I am now spending a lot of time in. More interesting and a better reflection of Palermo that some exhibitions in Arty galleries that I have seen on the same city. Complementi!

  5. christina gort

    amazing!! the more I see of Palermo I just love it more and more. I will always come back now again and again. magical.

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