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The Temple of Apollo and the Fountain of Arethusa

Book Your Syracuse Hostel Here More from Our Trip to SiracusaIntroduction | Jewish Baths | The Piazza Duomo | The Neapolis | Chiesa della Lácrime | Noto The moment you cross the bridge onto the island Ortigia, where the ancient center of Syracuse is found, you’re confronted with what the word “ancient” truly means. The […]

La Zisa – The Norman King’s Summer Retreat

For 91 Days on Google+ La Zisa was built as a summer retreat by Arab architects in the 12th century for the reigning Norman Kings of Sicily. Its name comes from the Arabic al-Azîz, for “glorious” or “noble”. Set in the middle of gardens with the Monte Captuo serving as a backdrop, the Zisa still […]

Villa Giulia and the Orto Botánico

Botanic Gardens We Have Visited In Other Cities: Valencia & Buenos Aires Green oases of tranquility found at the south-eastern end of Palermo’s historic center, the twin parks of the Villa Guilia and Orto Botánico provide much-needed places of relaxation and quiet in the otherwise hectic city. Since they’re side-by-side, we decided to visit both […]

The Quattro Canti

Please Like Us On Facebook The uneven, twisting alleyways which dominate the ancient center of Palermo are charming, but a navigational nightmare. Funny, then, that the dead center of the historic district is an impeccably laid-out intersection, and one of Europe’s earliest examples of urban planning. Palermo’s main thoroughfares, the Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Via […]