Palermo Mysteries

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Among Palermo’s many qualities is an air of mystery, especially towards dusk. Perhaps it’s due to the city’s deep and often troubled history, perhaps the unpolished instability of its streets. Bars can disappear from one day to the next, and new graffiti springs up frequently. Battered doors which were locked yesterday are open tonight, revealing strange courtyards. This city would make a perfect setting for a chilling film noir.

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  1. Benny

    Wow, that big octopus is near my house! Did you have lunch there?

    1. Juergen

      No, I took the pictures from the bus 🙂 Is it a good place for food. Not sure if we will ever make it out there to eat but if you tell us it’s worth it we might go, hehe.

  2. Federico

    The photo of Porta Felice, with the palm tree hiding the moon is so so beautiful! When did you take that?

  3. maurizio

    Great post!Then you might enjoy this free guided tour on the 31st of December by AddioPizzo TravelPalermo theater noir – The spectacle of deathDecember 31, 2011, at 9.00 amPiazza Marina, at the entrance of “Palazzo SteriA descent into the underworld of history, in the days when the fires of the inquisition and hangings of the condemned were popular shows. Among the pages of novelists, the other grim and gloomy face of the city of Palermo is revealed. A free tourist itinerary to discover the dark face side of Palermo’s history.

  4. claudia

    Thank you for your realistic look enhancing at the same time beauty and sense of decay, I lived in Palermo several years and also for this reason I have loved it 🙂

  5. Alberto

    That’s like looking at my city for the first time, again. Guys you did a great job, and you did it with passion, thanks a lot for what you’re doing!!

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