Mikalsa Bar and Renzo Rubino

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I would say it was a pretty successful night. We had discovered Mikalsa, a cool bar within walking distance of our apartment, and heard an incredible concert by Renzo Rubino, a local artist trying to make it big. Plus, we became instant addicts of Mikalsa’s home-brewed beer called Panormus, in honor of Palermo’s original Greek name.

Renzo Rubio makes an odd kind of music. He’s a charistmatic, larger-framed guy with a strong, gravelly voice and mad skills on the piano, and the performance was proudly “guitar-free”. His backing band consisted of violins, drums and accompanying singers, and they produced an strangely festive sound, somehow reminiscent of Barnum & Bailey’s.

Mikalsa was a perfect venue for the concert, with cozy furniture and a good crowd. I’ve already mentioned their home-brewed beer, but allow me to do so again, because thinking about it bathes my mind in a pool of joy. Like so much of the food in Palermo, the beer had a sweet taste. And it was strong; I don’t know what the alcohol content is, but we were buzzing after just two rounds.

Location of Mikalsa Bar on our Palermo Map

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  1. joel jason

    Hi guys, F.Y.I. the song Renzo was singing is a song by Franco Battiato. Battiato is a very famous Sicilian composer and singer. 

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